Work In Progress: Hummingbirds

I spent some time this evening working on a painting that has been in progress for a long while now. At one point she lived in a closet until she finally called to me to bring her back out and give her some more attention. That was before Christmas, and the busyness of the holidays kept me from making much progress. The end is finally in sight, though she’s not there yet.

hummingbird in progress 1

This summer I stayed a week in Rangely, Maine, and there were always hummingbirds zipping around our cabin to visit a hummingbird feeder. I spent some time sitting on the closed porch, observing them through the screened windows. I drew an image in my sketchbook of a figure with a hummingbird at her temple, and thought about the little buzzing noise they make as they fly. Sometimes my mind seems to buzz like that.

hummingbird in progress 2
She is sort of the sister painting to one that I painted shortly after we moved into our new home. Sisters in the way that the figures are similar, and the method for both involves a combination of acrylic paint and chalk pastel. An odd combination, but somehow working.

hummingbird in progress 3
This last image was taken tonight, and that is her current state. A couple more painting sessions to go.