child art

Our Little Corner

my corner 1

my corner 2

In this house there is currently no designated studio space. This was seriously keeping me down and stifling my ability to be spontaneously creative. When everyone is sleeping and I am still awake I am too tired to drag out all of my things and set them up before adding a few minutes of progress to my latest pieces. During the day, I can never predict when the Baby will be napping and the Big Child will be occupied so that I can sneak over. The structure of my life right now is such that I will not create, will not work at art, if it isn’t right in front of me.

So, I set up a little corner of the dining room for now. Future home renovation plans include a small space for art making. But other home projects must come first-the baby’s room, the upstairs bathroom, the kitchen ceiling…

The baby is getting more mobile all the time, so I am not sure how long this arrangement will last. But for now, a small desk that was rescued from the side of the road and the easel my husband bought me for Christmas years ago are set up for me when I need them.

Feeling inspired, the 4-year old asked to have his easel set up too. His sits right beside mine, and we can work at the same time.

simon at easel

Progress continues on the Lyrical series. Feathers have wandered into this one:

more than mountains progress
And here are a few details of the work in progress:

volcano progress detail

feather progress detail 1

feather progress detail 2