In Progress

Current work in progress. Acrylic and pastel on canvas. This was originally going to be a painting of a woman with a tornado. Then some flowers bloomed, and the snake appeared instead. Still not sure what the final destination will be. Lots more work to do…


Paper Houses

This is a recent series of work that I completed. Very different than my usual work, in that there is no human present. These pieces happened very quickly, and I created them intuitively, without thinking too much. I started by painting freely with watercolor and then went over the pieces with chalk pastel. The spheres, houses, and leaves were recurring motifs and the emotions expressed surrounded my thoughts of what it means to be at home, both figuratively and literally.

These 10 works are currently hanging up at The Hive Artisan Co-op in Lewiston, ME, where they will remain until the end of May.